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About us

We are a group of broken people who come together seeking help from Jesus, in an atmosphere of love. We are imperfect people who expect all humans to be imperfect.

We create spaces of no condemnation so that God through His son Jesus Christ can do perfect work for us. We don't fix people, we don't judge people. We love God, We love people and We make disciples.

First, we are an online church, a church without walls or boundaries, then with capacity, we shall create physical spaces of love.

We exist to reach broken people with the love of Jesus and to transform broken communities into communities of hope, through acts of compassion.

We exist for the world. The World does not exist for us. We are the salt and the light. We shape the future. We influence growth and development. We don't sit back and watch the game, we are the game. We are not spectators. We act. We are doers of the word. 

We are persuaded that if our children are taught in the ways of God, our burdens for ministry and parenting will be lighter. 

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